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Greetings and Peace from the Coph Nia Treasury!

At Coph Nia Lodge, we have the following dues structure.

Basic local membership dues for initiates are $25/month.

These dues support rent, utilities, building maintenance & improvement, temple supplies, and initiation costs.

To participate as clergy or novice clergy in ECG, you must be local dues current.

As you progress in your degrees, Coph Nia Lodge asks that you consider adding a monthly Pledge to your financial support.

Our suggested pledge structure is:
Minerval, First, Second, & Third degrees: $36/month
Fourth & P.I.:$56/month
Fifth Degree+: $93/month
Additional Pledge Levels:
Pillar Members of any degree: $131/month
Foundational Members of any degree: $156/month
Recurring Dues Pledge:

Or set your own monthly contribution level here:

Make a one-time dues payment or donation here.

We depend on dues, pledges, and donations for the support and growth of our local body.

Coph Nia Lodge Supporter Donations:
If you are not a member, yet would still like to support Coph Nia Lodge through regular donations, please consider our Supporter program. Ongoing Supporters will receive gifts at Summer and Winter Solstices, in gratitude of their ongoing contribution to Coph Nia Lodge.

Coph Nia Lodge gives its pledge members priority as officers in the Gnostic Mass and other rituals, such as Solstice and Equinox rituals. Pledge members are entitled to hold keys to the Lodge and schedule the lodge space for private events, calendar allowing. We also provide pledge members with periodic thank you gifts and free copies of all our publication projects.

Members of Coph Nia Lodge, O.T.O. are also expected to stay current with their National Dues in order to participate fully as members on the local level. More information about the United State Grand Lodge Treasury can be found here:

There are no back dues at the local level. The local body has a pay-it-forward policy so it is easy to reestablish dues-currency, if you miss a month. Coph Nia Lodge does expect that all members serving as officers pay at the pledge level appropriate to their degree, in order to lead by example. In individual cases of acute financial hardship, a limited number of karma yoga opportunities are available. Please contact the Coph Nia Lodge Treasurer or Lodge Master for more details.

Pledges are accepted through Paypal, Square, check, and cash. Automatic monthly deductions through Paypal are strongly encouraged for their ease of use, both for members and the Coph Nia Treasury. Monies can also be given directly to the Treasurer, Master, Deputy Master or Secretary at Lodge Events, or mailed to:
Coph Nia Lodge, O.T.O.
P.O. 50281
Eugene 97405-0975

Thank you so much, for your generous support of Coph Nia Lodge, O.T.O.

all must be done well and with business way.

Reimbursement Form: In some cases, members may be reimbursed for lodge-related expenses. Before making any purchase for which you plan to seek reimbursement, please get the approval of the Lodge Master and submit your receipt(s) with this form.

Love is the law, love under will.